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  In this encouraging book, Keller tells the stories of seven very different women. With all of them there came a moment - unplanned - when they decided to give up work and become fulltime mothers. Then, some time later, each of them decided it was time to start thinking about going back. These are not superwomen, they are everywoman. buy now »
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Moms in the Workforce. Women talk about returning to work after taking a break to raise a family. Click to view video »

Praise for The Comeback

““For mothers contemplating a return to the work force after years spent raising children, Emma Gilbey Keller has good news: if the women she profiles in her new book can do it, so can you. [The Comeback] is a feel-good book. ” read more »
- New York Times Book Review

"The dispiriting "Mommy Wars" between career women and stay-at-home women gets an injection of positiveness and common sense from a New York City writer who has been on both sides of the divide and valued both experiences. Keller profiles seven women of various professions and ages who left work to raise families and then returned to work, often in new capacities. The writer scrupulously avoids enrolling in the tiresome either-or camps. "
-The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

  Judith Feder
mother of 3, including twins
Vice President of a Venture Capial Firm
Judith took ten years off in the middle of a career in finance after her twins were born three months early. Today the twins are flourishing in high school, having overcome the developmental delays caused by more »
  Elaine Stone
mother of 3

Elaine has juggled her role as a rabbi's wife with a successful career as an attorney while moving from California to Texas to Washington D.C and raising three children. She took five years off when her third more »
  Ellen Warner
mother of 2
International Photographer

Ellen was able to transform a passion for photography into an international career, which she put on hold for ten years while raising two daughters. While at home she volunteered extensively in her community more »
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Book Club Discussion Points
"Many of the decisions in The Comeback were made not because of the birth of a child but caused by external events. Jobs changed, moves were undertaken, relationships began and ended. Would you agree that much of life is unplanned? Is there a balance we can achieve between riding the unplanned and controlling our destinies? If so, should we try to achieve that balance?' More »
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